To rehabilitate the homeless and landless people of the rural area a project named "ASRAYAN " was launched by the govt in 1996. This was entirely image descriptionmaterialized by Bangladesh Army and Bangladesh Navy. Since Bangladesh is a country of low land and it has approx 700 KM of coastline, a good number of people live in the coastal area. Bangladesh Navy took all the initiative to build low cost houses In the process of construction of low cost houses. BN uses its ships, various types of small and medium boats, mechanized country boats, trucks and many other means. The total effort of the navy personnel, local administration and the local people makes the project successful.

So far Bangladesh Navy has constructed lots of low cost houses in the districts of Cox's Bazar, Bandarban, Chittagong, Noakhali, Laxmipur, Bhola, Barishal, Barguna, Patuakhali, etc. At present Bangladesh Navy has been given with the responsibility of constructing huge low cost houses in coastal areas under the project called "ABASHAN". Total handed over and under constructed "ABASHAN" are shown below:

S. No. Years Work order of barrak house Hand over & under construction
1. 2003-2004 39 Handed over
2. 2004-2005 250 Handed over
3. 2005-2006 655 Handed over
4. 2006-2007 373 Handed over
5. 2007-2008 206 Handed over
6. 2008-2009 208 Handed over
7. 2009-2010 16 Handed over
8. 2010-2011 196 Handed over
9. 2011-2012 161 Handed over
10. 2012-2013 207 Handed over
11 2013-2014 244 Handed over = 226
Work order cancel = 18
12 2014-2015 52 Handed over
13 2015-2016 314 Handed over = 125
Under Construction = 189
14 2016-2017 101 Under Construction