Branch System Of Officers

Officers are categorized into 6 branches in Bangladesh Navy which are as follows

  • Executive Branch
  • Engineering Branch
  • Supply Branch
  • Electrical Branch
  • Education Branch
  • Medical Branch

Officer cadets join the Navy together and under go the same training schedule including ships training for 2 years. After 2 years they are commissioned in different branches and send for further training as per branch requirement.

  • The Executive Branch: The Executive branch is responsible for Seamanship, Navigation, Communication, Torpedo Anti Submarine, Gunnery and Hydrographic activities.
  • The Engineering Branch: The Engineering branch is responsible for maintaining Ships engines, hull, propulsion and other mechanical and hydraulic systems of the ship to keep the Ship operational, ensuring its stability, sea keeping, fire fighting and damage control capabilities.
  • The Supply Branch: The supply branch is responsible for providing all logistic support to ships / shore establishments and also secretarial duties. In wartime the supply officer works as Action Crypto Officer.
  • The Electrical Branch: Commonly known as Weapon Electrical branch. The electrical branch is responsible for generation and distribution of power supply in the ship, maintenance of all electrical/electronic equipment, which include Communication Equipment, Radar, Weapon systems and Armaments of the ship.
  • Education Branch : The Education Branch remains committed for instructional duties. Officers work in the Naval law department are also recruited for the education branch.
  • Medical Branch: Doctors from Army Medical and Dental core are deputed in the Navy for short duration. They serve in the ship/establishment and also in naval hospital.