Disaster Management

Flexibilities of maritime forces and their independent logistic support make them particularly effective in disaster relief operations. BN can provide a comprehensive image descriptionlogistics base for humanitarian operations in support of peace initiative. Maritime forces are vital during the very early stages of disaster relief when they may well be the only assistance available to provide first-aid. Bangladesh is a disaster prone country. Sea borne natural disasters in the form of cyclone and tidal surge are common natural phenomenon to Bangladesh. Devastating tropical cyclones hit the coastal areas and off shore island very frequently causing enormous loss of lives and property. Bangladesh Navy (BN) can reach the destitute soon after the disaster for conducting rescue operation and provide all kinds of assistance and relief. A large amount of resource of this agency has been earmarked for dealing with the natural and manmade natural disasters. Requisite training programme are also conducted regularly to prepare human resources for this task. Bangladesh Navy carried out various relieve operation during the natural and manmade disasters at home and abroad are shown below:

Foreign country

Years Name of ship PURPOSE
2016 BNS BANGABANDHU For relief operation Colombo “ROANU”
2014 BNS SOMUDRAJOY For relief operation Male, Maldives
2013 BNS SOMUDRAJOY For relief operation Philippines
2005 BNS TURAG For relief operation Colombo “Tsunami”
2005 BNS SANGU For relief operation Male “Tsunami”


Years Number of Unit PURPOSE
2016 01 For relief operation cyclone “ROANU”
2013 05 For relief operation cyclone “MAHASEN”
2007 09 For relief operation “SIDR”
2009 18 For relief operation “AILA”