All Cadets undergo 10 weeks Joint Services training in Bangladesh Military Academy with the Army and Air Force Cadets. In the naval Academy they continue for another 15 months training before becoming Midshipman. The Midshipmen are then sent to ships for 06 months Sea Training. After sea training i.e. after 2 years of service they are commissioned in the Bangladesh Navy as Acting Sub Lieutenant. Officers are also awarded with the Bachelor of Science degree as they graduate from the Academy with the affiliation of Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP). From 2015 onwards, cadets will undergo four years training in total and on completion will be awarded with BSc (Hons) in Maritime Science or BBA in Logistics and Management degree. Technical Branch officers will continue to undergo training in various engineering universities/institutes to obtain engineering degree. Within a short span of time, few of the naval education and training will be looked after by country's first ever maritime university, namely Bangabandhu Maritime University which has already started functioning after the gazette was published in 2014.

As per present system, Ag Sub/Lt of Executive branch, after commissioning, undergo professional training for 1 year in various training schools of Bangladesh Navy. Acting Sub Lieutenant of the Supply branch undergo professional training mostly at Supply and Secretariat School for 12 months. With the background of some Sea time as Midshipman and the professional course, the officers come back to the ship for 6-12 months duration for achieving Watch Keeping Certificate. This is a certificate of competency for performing the duties independently onboard of ship. For a Cadet to become a useful officer it takes about 4 years of extensive theoretical and practical training in different phases.

Engineering and Electrical Branch Officers, after commission, are sent to Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) (at Dhaka) as Acting Sub Lieutenant, for a period of 4 years. After graduation from MIST they are also sent to different ships for a duration of 6-12 months for obtaining Watch Keeping certificate. Both the Engineering and Electrical Branch Officers have to undergo specialization training in their respective fields at home and abroad.

Professional and Other Courses. Officer in the rank of Sub Lieutenant and Lieutenant normally avails wide range of courses as follows:

  • Principle Warfare Officer Course
  • Maritime Warfare and Tactics Course
  • Missile/Torpedo Command and Tactics Course
  • Basic Hydrography/Diving/Commando/Flying Course
  • Computer Course.
  • Junior Staff Course.
  • Course on Intelligence at School of Military Intelligence etc.
  • Various Courses on Ammunitions/explosives etc.

Officers in the rank of Lt to Lt Cdr are selected for Specialization courses at home or abroad. Officers with good qualification, commitment and character profiles are sent abroad for specialization courses directly. Officers in the rank of Lt Cdr are also sent for Staff Courses at Defence Services Command and Staff College, Dhaka and upon achieving good grading are sent abroad for second staff course.

For enhancing the conceptual skills, senior level officers of the rank of Commander and above are nominated for Higher Staff/Command/Management Course like AFWC, NDU, NDC, NCC, IDMC, SIDMC etc.