Training in General

Bangladesh Navy (BN) imparts its training in various training bases and ships. BN also takes part in sister services training and various civil institutions training. Naval activities are centered around ships. The ships company i.e. Officers and men assist the captain to keep the ship afloat, and ensure that the ship is fighting fit against multidirectional threat, i.e. threat against surface ship, air craft, missile and even sub-surface threats like submarine and under water mines. This necessitates a highly trained and skilled ships company to ensure proper and effective use of ships equipment to face the challenging requirement at sea. Therefore, Bangladesh Navy always gives high priority on the training.

Training Objective

The objective of BN training is to develop professional knowledge, ability, leadership qualities and management skills of the officers and sailors of BN to enable them to shoulder higher responsibilities.

Training Policy

The overall training policy of Bangladesh Navy is governed by Naval Headquarters. Naval Headquarters after analysing the total requirement of courses, approximate yearly intake, and probable change in operational concept, forecast the training requirement through a Fleet Order. On receiving the training forecast, the concerned establishments and ships prepares them accordingly for execution

Training Organisation

The organisation depends on under mentioned major components of BN Training system:

  • NHQ (DNT in particular).
  • Admin Authorities.
  • Training Ships/Establishments.
  • Trainee Users (Ships/Establishments).
  • Training Auditors {OSTG (Operational Sea Training Guide) & SMWT (School of Maritime Warfare and Tactics)}.