Training Sailors

The direct entry sailors normally form the core of the service. From recruitment to the rank of Ordinary Seaman, one does various courses. First of all, on recruitment they attend 22 weeks Boot Camp training where sailors are given basic Naval Orientation training. After that the unclassified sailors are allocated branches according to their aptitude i.e. Executive, Technical, S & S etc. The classified sailors are then sent to various schools for Basic professional training of 26 weeks. The technical sailors go to Engineering and Electrical School and Seaman’s go to Seamanship School and so forth

On completion of basic professional training sailors irrespective of their branch are sent onboard ships for practical application of their theoretical knowledge.

All sailors irrespective of their branch attend Suitability test as per their trade and they qualify for Professional courses. On successful completion of course they are qualified for next higher rank. Besides sailors of different branches do advance course and specialization course.

Some courses are done by all branch sailors like Nuclear Biological Chemical Defence and Damage Control Including Fire Fighting (NBCD) course. Computer Hardware Maintenance Course (CHMC) etc.