UN Mission



The first ever Multinational Maritime Task Force under United Nation Interim Force in Lebanon was formed image description in 2010 to enforce UNSCR 1701 and 1884. Bangladesh Navy Ship OSMAN (FFG) and MADHUMATI (OPV) joined the UNIFIL, MTF on May 2010 along with Brazil, Germany, Turkey, Greece and Indonesia. After successful completion of four years tour of duty both the ships were replaced by two new platforms i.e. Bangladesh Navy Ship BNS ALI HAIDER (FFG) and BNS NIRMUL (OPV) in the month of June 2014, with multiplied and diverse capability. Bangladesh Navy is proud to be a member of elite maritime task force of UN. BN ships are tasked with:

  • Conduct surveillance and patrolling in the Area of Maritime Operation (AMO).
  • Conduct Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO) in Area of Maritime Operation (AMO).
  • Contribute to UNIFIL, AIR Surveillance.
  • Contribute to UNIFIL intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR).
  • Training of Lebanese Navy personnel.
  • Detect, locate, hail, positively identify and classify any vessel inside AMO.
  • Deter, escort and/ or handover all suspicious vessel to Lebanese authorities.
  • Conduct inspection boarding at sea onboard suspicious vessels.
  • Exercise self defense/area defense against all possible threats.
  • Provide force protection as required.

Force Marine Unit in UNMISS (South Sudan).

The unit is known as Bangladesh Force Marine unit BANFMU-1. Bangladesh Force Marine Unit is equipped with 06 x DCB, 06 x RHIB and 02 x Gemini with heavy and light machine gun. Bangladesh Navy is proud to be a member of this multi dimensional force of UN. In this mission BN Force Marine Unit is tasked with:

  • Provide armed escort to UN barges in order to secure movement of UN supplies, equipment and personnel.
  • Collect and report any intelligence.
  • Conduct medical evacuation for the assigned Protection Teams.
  • Protecting designated ports and riverine infrastructure.
  • Provide fire support to ground forces.
  • Conduct search and rescue operations (SAR).