Chief of Naval Staff’s Vision

Chief Of Naval Staff’s Vision

Setting sail with two gunboats in 1971, the Bangladesh Navy (BN) has emerged as guardian of the national maritime space. Traditionally, her roles are to protect the territorial integrity and political independence, and safeguard the maritime interests of Bangladesh. In doing so, BN has been conducting full range of operations in our maritime domain since our independence.

Ensuring safe and unfettered maritime commerce is our obligation as a seafaring nation. In contemporary maritime scenario, asymmetric threats at sea and from the sea generate substantial threats to the; homeland and the sea lines of communication. Therefore, maritime security has become primary concern for the littorals. BN maintains round the clock vigilance at sea for this purpose. BN also conducts special operations against armed robbery, illegal poaching, smuggling, gun-running, terrorism, etc. Today, BN is also engaged in promoting peace through active role under UN Peace Support Operations.

Taking account of the above functions, prevailing operating environment, and international imperatives, this vision document is prepared to ensure our force posture through planned capability enhancement. This document articulates our mission and vision with few broad guidelines that will shape our efforts towards its attainment.


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The mission of the Bangladesh Navy is to defend our country from threats emanating on, above and under the sea and in the internal waters of the country, promote and protect our maritime interests, ensure maritime governance and contribute to diplomatic objectives of our nation.

CNS's Vision Statement

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I envision Bangladesh Navy to evolve into a three dimensional navy acquiring such capacity and capability so as to be able to maintain a deterrent posture across the full spectrum of conflict. Bangladesh Navy should also be able to undertake constabulary and benign tasks to render safer seas for national maritime economic activities. In doing so, Bangladesh Navy is to maintain critical operational readiness at all times leveraging through jointmanship.