Broad Guidelines

Force Structure/Acquisition

We will continue our endeavour to acquire potent three dimensional capabilities besides consolidation of the gains that we have made so far. Quality instead of quantity shall be focused throughout the process. Our surface forces shall be capable of ensuring gapless coverage of our maritime space with ability to adopt full range of operations against maritime challenges. In that pursuit, our fleet shall have the flexibility to deploy in multiple roles including non-traditional ones. Our patrol and landing craft shall have the capability to access shallow waters to deliver immediate humanitarian supply in case of natural disasters. Once properly equipped, our air assets will be able to provide surveillance, and carry out SAR and ASW operations. Gradually, we will mature our undersea capabilities to enhance our sea, denial posture around our shores.

Operational Perspective

We will exploit full capabilities of our assets through operational training, innovation and improvisation. Exploitation of our unique coastal features to deny access in the littorals will be the cornerstone of our surface operations. We will exploit capabilities of our sister forces through Joint Operations. Strategies, policies and doctrines shall be published.

Maritime Security

With growing propensity of resource exploitation at sea, the challenges of operating in maritime environment will rise. Accordingly, we shall augment maritime security in our littorals that will require effective naval vigilance both at sea and inland waters.

Human Resource Development

It is not the machine, but the man behind it that matters. Hence, the selection, training, and indoctrination of our personnel will be updated to keep pace with the technology upgrades. Our service and civilian personnel shall be very hard working, dedicated, and qualified who shall counter all odds with great efficiency.


We will develop sustainable logistic system that will help keep our assets ready at all times. It will incorporate efficient maintenance philosophies, ‘just in time’ supply chain management and ‘distributed positioning’ of required supplies.


I wish to propone balanced and synergic development of all the services of Bangladesh Armed Forces, which is a fundamental requirement of jointmanship. BN will inculcate the joint perspective in every possible venture and establish herself as a smart partner in any joint undertaking.


We will strive further to develop indigenous capabilities in shipbuilding, upgrading existing technologies and developing technical solutions. Ideas and concepts in support of research and development will be given due significance.

International Engagement

BN is committed to promote peace and maintain stability in the littorals of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean region in general. Moreover, emergence of transnational threats demands greater maritime cooperation as these threats persist across boundaries. Keeping this perspective in view, we will continue to engage in trust and confidence building initiatives and develop interoperability as a cornerstone for combined effort against maritime security challenges, if needed.

Peace Keeping Mission Deployment

BN will continue to deploy personnel and platforms in Peace Missions worldwide to promote peace and stability under the auspices of United Nations mandate. This implies that we continue to train and equip ourselves to function effectively in multi-national operating environment in the distant unfamiliar waters away from the home port.

Maritime Domain Awareness

Potential for mineral resources and increasing sea dependency have created multiple challenges in the Bay. Sustainable exploitation of living and non-living resources of the sea, maritime safety and sea governance require a great deal of empathy and information sharing between multiple maritime agencies and stakeholders. Therefore, maritime domain awareness is a challenge that we face like all other navies. To this end, we will strive to establish National Maritime Commission in the country.


The stated vision can only be attained if we have motivated personnel. Leadership at all levels shall strive to improve well being of the naval community.

Moral Values and naval Tradition

My emphasis will be to develop and maintain a naval society with high moral standard, that pursues best practices in keeping with naval tradition.


I am committed to ensure preparedness of the naval forces for the tasks and missions that is imposed on the navy. BN is already on course to enhance its capability and is ready to comply with its national and international commitments. We are also delivering this capability in economic development of the nation. Our end result, i.e. the vision can only be accomplished through concerted efforts by all of us. Inshallah, BN will develop into an organization that has the wherewithal and capacity to meet the security needs of our country and the peaceful world.